Introducing LDrive

It's time for a change.

LDrive is reinventing the driver education industry for the digital generation.

The driver education market is flawed.

Of the 750,000 annual learner drivers in the UK, only 48% of the market pass their test the first time. 69% of learners say this is because they cannot find an instructor themselves. 74% deem their driving lessons too expensive - and they are justified in their belief as it costs £1,128 to learn to drive on average in the UK.

The industry is in need of a shift.

We want to make first-time driving better for everyone; for learners to learn driving in the shortest amount of lesson hours at the lowest cost on their schedules, and for instructors to teach driving on their terms including by prices, services and schedules with no overhead leadership or franchise fees.

We are not a driving school - we don’t want to be.

Our mission is to reinvent learner driving with technology, engaging millennials to cut the costs on passing their test and for instructors to get more business, and to establish leadership by undercutting ageing driving schools’ businesses in the UK.

The next steps...

In the coming months we’re going to be introducing our exciting mobile co-existent apps for both learners and instructors respectively which with tonnes of cool tools tailored for both markets - which we will discuss in more detail in our next blog post.

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