About LDrive
The story behind us


Andrew winning the University of Kent ASPIRE Programme award for LDrive

LDrive is founded by Andrew Christopher, who when learning to drive at 17 was frustrated with the industry - particularly the high costs and lack of amenability in his driving school.


He then moved to a family member who was an independent instructor who he found to be struggling in finding students to teach and making serious income, due to lack of exposure.


Based in London and backed up by the University of Kent being the winner of their ASPIRE Business Startup Journey programme, we are set on reaching our mission of revolutionsing the ageing driver education market.

Our Mission
To ignite a new solution for an ageing industry

LDrive resolves existing issues that has seen a decline in tests conducted for both the annual 750,000 learners and 40,000 instructors in the driver education industry including:

High Lesson Prices

73.59% of people who undertook driving lessons found that their driving lessons were too or moderately expensive. And they are justified in their belief as it costs £1,128 to gain their full qualification in the UK.

Inability to Find The “Perfect” Instructor

There are no reliable direct comparison tools even online to juxtapose a vast portal of independent driving instructors. As a result, only 48% of the market pass their test the first time. 69% of learners say this is because they cannot find an instructor themselves. And of those who pass, 1 in 5 crash in the first 6 months.

Lack Of Flexibility / Transparency

Learners are succumbed to adhere to rigid lesson prices and schedules set by driving school franchises. More worryingly, they are continually fooled by these franchises to save costs. In a survey of 2,000 young drivers, only 2% knew they were taught to drive by a trainee instructor!


The driver education market is flawed. The industry is in need of a shift. 

We want to make first-time driving better for everyone; for learners to learn driving in the shortest amount of lesson hours at the lowest cost on their schedules, and for instructors to teach driving on their terms including by prices, services and schedules with no overhead leadership or franchise fees.


We are not a driving school - we don’t want to be. Our mission is to reinvent learner driving with technology, engaging millennials to cut the costs on passing their test and for instructors to get more business, and to establish leadership by undercutting ageing driving schools’ businesses in the UK.


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